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Welcome to our prayer page. Do you have a concern you would like us to join you in prayer for? You may share your request with us by clicking the "Add Prayer Request button." Click the title of the request to add a response (new information). Sometimes our team will leave comments for you as well, so check back every once in a while. If you would like to edit the original request click the "Edit" button under the "Manage" heading. 

Our local church prayer list:   (please contact the church office to add to our list)
Keep in prayer our church family as a whole, our elementary school and preschool and for everyone here.

June 24 
Herman - Thanks for the good weather.  My wife and mother-in-law are at the Portland Gardens.  It is gorgeous there.
Vicky - I am preparing to quit smoking.  I need knee surgery and the doctor won't do it unless I quit and I need to quit anyway!  I called the quit line and I will need lots of prayers.  My husband still smokes and I've told him he can't do it around me.
Carol - Prayers for health issues that people have.  God is in control
Brent - Please pray for a business istuation I'm dealing with
Jessica - I give thanks for 23 years of marriage and for Gianna's 12th birthday.
Brian - I'm thankful for my wife and family.  God is good.  Also pray for out pastor's transition
Visitor - I prayed for a place to live here and we bought a house in Emmett.  God provides
Heidi - Jon is coming up this week to bring a load and to look for a job.  The truck transmission went out. Please pray for that to get fixed and not be too bad.
Martha - 19 years ago Joe & I met, 17 years ago we were married and 11 years ago we were baptized on this same day.
Pat - There is a robin out my window with a nest.  Thanks for God's creation to watch
Herman - Pastor Steve has had a rough week.  His cell phone fell and was run over by a truck, the car was in the shop and he's been very busy.  Pray for him....
Paul - please pray for my friend

June 10
Carol - Please keep Vicky in your prayers.  She has problems with her knee and fell off the bed and hurt it.  Pray that God continues to be with her as she studies and that the word of God is opened to her.
Jim - Continue to pray with our legal situation.  It has been pushed our another month.  Emily met Thursday with her lawyer.  
An answer to prayer - our old phone wasn't working and we needed to get the info off of it.  We prayed and I slapped in down and it worked!  We were able to get the info off!
Burton - The old saying is that when your having fun - times fliew.  It seems like yesterday that Pastor Bob was doing our wedding ceremony 12 years ago.  We've enjoyed the 12 years together.
Edie - Thanks for all the love shown at the open house celebrating the boy's graduatino.  They were overwhelmed at the show of love.  actions speak louder than words and this is what the church is all about.
Carol - I'm thankful for the 12 years we've had as well....  and thankful that mom is back in church after her fall.  She has recovered and maybe even better than before.
Jessica - Thankful for a successful end to the school year on Wednesday.  Three 8th graders graduated.  
Thankful for my husband's birthday this week..   I love him and appreciate him.
Roger - WE need to be fasting and praying for our school.  We need to promote it.  It's the lifeblood for our church.
Pamela - Reesie is at home sick and not feeling well today.

June 3
Jim - Emily meets with her attorney this week.  Pray for things that are happening.  WE have a ways to go yet.  
Also, Dale Anderson was here today and looked strung out after surgery.  He went home to rest.  Pray for him.
Jody - There are people in Emmett that need your prayers.  One that is 81 with stage 4 cancer and the husband doesn't know what to do.  Another that is 82 and the husband is ill and they are all confused as to what to do.  
My daughter has ovarian cancer and has gone through horrible treeatments.  She lives in CA and won't tell me anything.  Her name is Kathy.
Kelly - Dad went to Tahoe to get a vehicle for a neighbor.  Pray he has a safe trip back and the vehicle doesn't break down.
Chris's back is really hurting and he has surgery on the 22nd.
Melissa - Glad Don & Joan are here and Mary.
Vicky - Prayer for husbaned.  We're living paycheck to papcheck and he said do you know how broke we are?  I said to look at the picture we have "Trust God for what you need, and Tahank God for what you have"  God is good and watches out for us.
Emily - Baby Aiden is one year old!
Carol - Praise God Don & Joan are back.  
Uncle had a biopsy and has multiple tumors in one lung.  The will do a body scan and see if there are others.  Pray for him.  for peace & guidance.
Roger - Glad Vicki is here.
A lady we know, Dora, has a daughter Tina in Bankok.  She went there as a student missionary and got involved with a guy and drugs.  She is now in jail and that's a death sentence over there.  Pray they can get through this.
Louise - Jesus is present in my life.  At 94 I am slowing down and things are more difficult.  I had an appointment with the vet for my dog and had to walk.  The dog wanted to rest.  It was hot and I was dead tired.  The receptionist came in and said, do you need a ride?  Oh yes, that is very welcome.  When she took me home she said, whenever you have an appointment, just call us and we'll come and get you!  The Lord takes care of us all.  We take for granted he is here.
Martha - We were gone last week to CA and made it back safely with some vehicle issues.  We met some Pathfinders in Vale and their vehicle broke down and we could help them some.   Just thankful for Isaac turning 3 and Austin is graduating from 8th grade.  He started here when he was 3....
Marilee - Larry is doing good after surgery.  God was with him all the time.
Ellie - I'm visiting my daughter this summer and thanks to God to be close to an Adventist church.  Pray for us to find a lot to put our 5th wheel on that is close to the church.
Jim - Thanks for the prayer requests in the bulletin to pray for the prison ministry.  
Satan is working hard on those in prison.  Pray for them.


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