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Prayer Requests

Welcome to our prayer page. Do you have a concern you would like us to join you in prayer for? You may share your request with us by clicking the "Add Prayer Request button." Click the title of the request to add a response (new information). Sometimes our team will leave comments for you as well, so check back every once in a while. If you would like to edit the original request click the "Edit" button under the "Manage" heading. 

Our local church prayer list:   (please contact the church office to add to our list)
Keep in prayer our church family as a whole, our elementary school and preschool and for everyone here.

Nov. 18
Karen - We are thankful to have returned safely from Myanmar.  Also, keep our cousin in your prayers.  His wife died and he's been the caregiver for awhile.  His name is Bobby
Peggy - I've had a blockage and problems.  Please keep me in your prayers.  I'm glad to be here.
Kelly - Continue to pray for my friend.  She is on bedrest now so she doesn't go into pre-term labor.
Jim - Mike Scuka is out of the hospital now and doing well.  They will be back home on Friday.  It was a successful surgery
Rebecca - prayer for someone with cancer.
David - I recommend seeing the movie Hell and Mr. Fudge.  It's a great film on the struggle of grace and hell.
Virginia - Thanks to God that we are able to be here.  I had a stroke and heart attack.  I'm Ok.  Praise the Lord
Mary - Please pray for Betty Anderson, she is not feeling well and needs prayer.

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