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Welcome to our prayer page. Do you have a concern you would like us to join you in prayer for? You may share your request with us by clicking the "Add Prayer Request button." Click the title of the request to add a response (new information). Sometimes our team will leave comments for you as well, so check back every once in a while. If you would like to edit the original request click the "Edit" button under the "Manage" heading. 

Our local church prayer list:   (please contact the church office to add to our list)
Keep in prayer our church family as a whole, our elementary school and preschool and for everyone here.
Thanks for keeping these in your prayers.

May 19
Visitor (Debbie?)  - Thanks to the Lord.....  I was thinking it would be nice to have a hug from God.  I went to the thrift store and saw a picture of Jesus hugging someone.   Just like God was giving me a hug.
Saw some dogs for sale on Craig's list, my husband wanted to buy one to remember him by....  they were all sold and I didn't know how I would take care of a puppy and him as well.  He died in June and about two months later when I was feeling like I needed something, the lady called that had the dogs before.  She had another litter and one for me.  God's timing is perfect.
We were in the airforce and were going to go to an airshow.  The van wouldn't start.....   Went later to start and it started just fine.   Decided to go to the airshow late and when we got near, could hear the sirens.   The planes had crashed and went into the crowd.   We would have been right there!  God watches over us!
Kelly - Praise that Nolan is turning 7 tomorrow.
Please remember our family.  Our grandma passed away.  Grandpa Frank is taking it real hard as well as our brother.
Josie - Bob will not be walking for a long time.   He has several cracks in his leg and in a cast.  Pray for me too!
Louise - Pray for Harry & Megan and their new life together.
Joan - David Hess texted and said his mother's surgery went well.  Thanks for your prayers.
Susan - Tut's surgery went well.  Whatever things happen in life, we are in God's hands
Dennis - Our 1st grandchild is doing well  He was 4 lbs.  18inches long.  
Ada - I was walking in the park and lost my key.  I prayed about it and just took 2 steps and there it was.  God cares about the little things!

May 12
​Carolee - I am thankful for my children and grandchildren.  They watch out for me.
Dave - We've had quite a few medical issues.  There was a spot on my wife's nose and it was cancer, but they feel they got it all.  Praise the Lord.   She is coming along well after her stoke as well.  Thanks to the Lord.
Ann - Thanks to the Lord that we can depend on Him.  He is with us.  Please pray for my son and wife.  They are having severe problems.
Visitor - I was in a car wreck, not too bad, but when recovering was watching 3ABN and was led to the SDA church.  My husband passed away and I am all alone, but I have a peace from God even when alone.
Pat - I had the 2 opening filled for teachers !  Hallelujah!
But now there are two more.....   Please pray!  It's hard to find good teachers this time of year.
Martha - Dad has been in the hospital for 16 days and is tired of it.  He has gout and that is what is keeping him there now. 
Susan is at Weimar and hopefully Dr. Nedley can get things figured out. It is in network, so that's a blessing. Thanks to whoever paid her way to go.​
Carol - Priscilla is in the hospital with some complications and will have the baby early.  Please pray for her  
(she had the baby Saturday night.  He is in nicu because of his size, so please continue to pray for them)
Dave - I want to recognize our wives too.  Mine is so talented and gifted.  I praise God for her.
Andy - Thanks for praying for my schooling,.  I've passed my classes for this year!
My mom went to visit my brother who has cancer and ended up in ER.  She is having ups and downs with Addison's.
Kelly - Praise for the kids we have at school.  They were at track and field day  and some of the kids were not good sports.  All ours were really good.  I'm thankful for those kids.​
Jean - I am privileged to be a mom, grandma and great grandma.  and privileged to be able to give our literature in the neighborhood and be able to still work in God's vineyard....
Brian - I'm thankful for my wife that she is so close to my daughters.  I appreciate her so much.  And working at the school and sharing the love there.  Also for my mom here.  Praise God.
Sue - On this Mother's Day weekend I am thankful and praise God for being Joshua's mom.  He is an awesome son and I love him and am proud of him.. I love God and that he allowed me to be a mom.  I have another child too.
Jim - Pray for the nominating committee as it gets people to do the positions of the church.

Apr. 28
Jodi - from Myrna....  Don is doing as good as expected.  He is in a lot of pain and not out of the woods yet, but he had an epidural and that has helped the pain a lot.  He has a collapsed lung, broken ribs, broken scapula, his liver and adrenal glands were nicked.  Visitors are OK, but please keep it short.  There is usually a family member there in the waiting room that you can check with.  Please don't come between 7-8 because that is when the doctor is making rounds.   Please continue to keep him in your prayers.  We appreciate all your prayers!
Ann - A friend is having heart surgery for a pacemaker.  His heart has not been in rhythm and he is gettting more ill.  His name is Harland.   Also, Bob's ankle is giving out on him and he keeps falling.  We have an appointment this week.
Jessica - Pray for Vickie.  She didn't get much sleep last night because of knee pain.
Also the Juniors and Seniors are on a trip in CA.  pray for safe return.  They already had a break down once.
Kris - My dad has issues with blockages.  Monday we will go in to see if he needs stents or open heart surgery.  Pray he keeps stable over the weekend. 
Also there have been some deaths last week.  Pray for Ashley & Jake
Martha - My dad had emergency gall bladder surgery.  He is still in pain, but may get discharged tomorrow.  Pray all goes well.
​Joe - Thanks to all the church for your prayers for the Pathfinders.  They had a safe trip rock climbing.  It was supposed to rain, but God stopped it just for us.  
Also thanks for your support of the bike-a-thon.  It went really well.
Cindy- My dad is doing well after his knee surgeries.  He is driving, etc.
Also please pray for my friend Joni.  She is in & out of the hospital with cancer.  Pray for her health, family and peace.
Kelly - Please pray for me and my medical issues.   Also my sister-in-law Jenny, going through a divorce.
Roger - Thanks for your prayers for knee surgery.  I have been battling pain.  I had intolerance to almost all the pain medication.  How God can heal with all of these things is amazing!
Jim - Thanks for your support of the kids for the bike--thon.  They had a good day.  Also pray for my ​brother, fred and his surgeries.  It's difficult because he is a hemophiliac.  Also continue to keep our friend David's legal situation in your prayers.  \
Martha - I just got a call and my dad will not be discharged yet.  Thanks for your prayers.
Egina - I have a friend that is having anxiety problems.
Jim - Continue to pray for our little group in prison.
Dora - I have problems with my hearing.  Please pray for me.
Josie - Thanks for your prayers.  Mom passed in peace.  It was good to see the family together.
Brian - Please keep my mom in your prayers.  Pray for strength in her hips and legs so she can live independently.  Also for Alexa - she graduates this month.  for Gianna praise for her commitment to the Lord.  Pray for my job.  Have been there 9 years now and there are changes in health care.  Pray that we can share Jesus and continue to make this business and outreach and a blessing.
Kris - Just pray for Tut and his mom.  They have so many struggles.
Paulo - Pray for my dad.  He gets tired at work.

Apr. 21
Jim - My brother is hemophiliac and has no insurance.  He is our of "factor" that keeps him from bleeding.  He may have internal bleeding.  Pray for his situation and his health.

Karen - We are traveling to the Bahamas for Michael's wedding tomorrow.  Pray that we all have safe travels.

Egina - Please pray for Bob.  He lost his mom and the funeral is today.

Nolan - I'm thankful my sister feels better and my grandma.

Dallas - Pray for Roger and his knee surgery.  He has a lot of pain and can't keep the pain meds down.

Jim - A friend I grew up with is having to go to court on the 24th.  Pray for David and his family.
Apr. 14

Bible Studyrequests
Vickie to have surgery on Thursday
Be with Egemeia son David in Columbia
Hilllary Neff - cancer
Dallas' sister lumpectomy
Prayers for Jonathan as he confronts his boss
Roger knee surgery on Monday
Louise - outreach
Bob's mom passed away
Sale of Pastor's home

Sabbath requests
Jodi - I am so thankful for your prayers.  Our accreditation seemed to go well and we are glad it is finished.  We will hear in the next 3 months.
Reesie - Thankful that my mom's ear infection is not there anymore.
Pat - Still needing to wrap up some school openings for teachers.  Also having knee problems that need resolved
David - Would like prayers for the start of community services.  We have a board and have started to look for locations.  This will be a big church project.  It will be successful with God behind it.  We do need a grant writer to obtain some grants that may be available.
Sue - I've been here t months and have been scammed by a contractor.  I thank God I found this church and would like to pray for those that did me wrong.  
Rebecca - Praise God that my husband wasn't in the car and didn't get hurt when his car was hit.
Dave - Pray for my wife.  She has made progress after her stroke.  Pray for a job interview for Greg.
Holly - Praise that our accreditation was past and that the assessor was pleasant.  
Also I tripped at work and my leg hurts and have been trying to get answers to what is wrong.
Andy - My Uncle John who has leukemia is in remission.   Pray that my mom travels safely to see him.  And this is getting the end of the school year.  Pray for my finals.
MaryKay - I was helping my neighbor girl with math and she asked my to teach her how to pray. 
Jim - You all kept the best kept secret!   Thank you all so much for your help and support.  You are a blessing to us.
Jessica - The teens are in Wenatchee rock climbing.  Pray for safe travels
Dora - Please pray for my hearing.  It seems it is just getting worse.
Hannah - A friend at school, Kaylee has a friend that has cancer that died.  It's been hard on her.  Please pray for her and the friend's family.

Apr. 7
Bible Study prayer requests
Dr, Pfost had surgery
Egmeia problems with her knee surgery
Some friends the Davidsons and Smiths lost their mother
Kris's son Jake and Rachel and issues with pregnancy
Fatima is very ill with cancer
Hilliary struggling with cancer
Jonathan to have a better job
Susan's health
Community service center location
Ruth's daughter, Sandy
Sabbath prayer requests
Jonathan - Thank God I'm alive.   While at work, the structure gave way and I fell backwards.  Able to keep myself upright and was OIK.. God looks our for us....
Visitor - Traveling from Sequim WA and glad to be here safe and ask for safe travels back
Sheila - Jim was here for Sabbath School but had to go home.  Conitue to pray for his healing after surgery.
Jim - Please continue to keep us in your prayers and my brother Fred got on disability and is planning the surgeries he needs
​Nikko - My brother's memorial service is tomorrow.  Please pray for safe travels for all the family coming.​
​Susan - I took some soup over to Mike & Judy Scuka's  Mike was in the hospital again for several days.
Nancy - I got home Wednesday from a long trip.  The Lord was driving with me and keeping me safe for 1200 miles!  
MaryKay - Myhorse sold and to a good family.  Thanks for your prayers
Roger - We are happy to be back.   My brother passed away a couple of days ago.  Please pray for the family.


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