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Welcome to our prayer page. Do you have a concern you would like us to join you in prayer for? You may share your request with us by clicking the "Add Prayer Request button." Click the title of the request to add a response (new information). Sometimes our team will leave comments for you as well, so check back every once in a while. If you would like to edit the original request click the "Edit" button under the "Manage" heading. 

Our local church prayer list:   (please contact the church office to add to our list)
Keep in prayer our church family as a whole, our elementary school and preschool and for everyone here.
Feb. 17


Thanks for keeping these in your prayers.
Kelly - Chris is not feeling well.  Also my friend, Morgan who is going through a divorce and has 2 small children.  Things are rough.
Mike - I spent time in the Adventist hospital in Florida and had surgery.  Thanks for all who prayed for me.  I was ready to go into surgery and felt uneasy, the phone rang and it was Pastor Parks.  His timing was perfect.  He had prayer with me and I felt better.
Heart - Sheryl, a co-worker is going through cancer for the second time with cancer.  and also Rhonda who has breast cancer.
Holly - Praise that I have committed to go to a health retreat and someone has pledged to help with the finances.  
Pray for Dad.  He has infection in his blood and they are not sure where it came from and what we are dealing with.
Harvey - I heard Dennis was preaching, so I came.  I was baptized here.  It is good to see all of you.  God bless.
Jonathan - I've been missing from my family a long time.  It took 3 months to get a house.  Sunday we moved in.  Thanks to the people that helped us.  We couldn't have done it without you!
Nikko - Pray for comfort for my brother who has pancreatic cancer.
Josie - Pray for a neighbor, Vicki who is going to have surgery.
David - Praise for the meetings at Cloverdale - Amazing Prophecies.  We went to all of them.  We were raized Advetnist and strayed.  We want to reaffirm our faith and are going to be re-baptized in 2 weeks.  Hopefully Pastor Steve is recovered by then.....
Jim - Pray for my wife's family.  She has concerns and depression about it.  Pray she can regain the joy of being a Christian.
Melanie - My brother is in prison.  He is up for paroled soon.  Pray the family say the right things in a letter to help.
Vickie - I will have surgery on March 1 for my knee replacment.  I won't be here next Sabbath.  Pray Pastor Steve gets better soon.  I've missed Bible studies with him.
Clemente - Going to the Philippines.  Pray for safe travels.
Nancy - My niece is in the hospital and had several surgeries on her hand.  She has infection in her blood and severe diabetes.  I told her we would pray for her.  Her mom had heart surgery and lost her father last summer.  Pray for them to find the Lord.  They do not know Him.
Jim -  My brother was laid off and will be on permanent disability.  He has to have some surgeries and is a hemophiliac....  his name is Fred.
Feb. 10
Vickie - My prayers are answered with the pain in my knee.  I will be having knee surgery on March 1.  Pray to please guide the surgeons hands.
Jim - Praise that Emiy has been with us 8 years now.  
Dave - Our son Greg had a procedure on his liver.    I had to spend the night in the hospital with heart issues and Thanks to the Lord to see me through.  Thanks to the Lord for continued hel with my wife, Ellie and her recovering from a stroke in July and making progress.
Bob - We are Bob & Paula from Kuna visiting.  We've had issues and problems.  We get overwhelmed.   Also our car is not doing well.  thanks for praying for us.
Martha - Joe's uncle was in a car accident on Wednesday.  He has a broken clavicle and some brain injuries.
Van - Before Thanksgiving we had a car accident.  Thanks for your prayers and by the grace of God we are here today!
Sue - We've been in  Idaho for 3 months and when we moved here I was trying to find a contractor to do some work.  He needed money up front and I have not seen him since.  Pray that his heart will be softened and to be honest.  Pray for guidance for me.
Pamela - Melanie a friend of mine needs prayers.  Her son was murdered and they haven't found who did it.  I will be visiting with her and pray I can be of help.
Andy - My Uncle John has leukemia.  Day 48 in the hospital.  The screening came back clear, but her needs his white blood count to be higher to leave.
Thanks for your prayers for my schooling.  I'm absorbing Calculus and a test is coming up.
Wherever God finds us, there is peace in His yoke.  Don't finght it, be a team.  Rely and rest in God.  Don't worry about the path or the dark valleys.
? - I will be traveling to Canada and pray for travel mercies.  They had 10 inches of snow.
Rebecca - I am so happy that Aurora and Van are back.
Nancy - I am happy as well the Aurora and Van are back with us.  Praise God.  My sickness is clearing and the rough spots going away.  God hears and blesses.  We need to give praise for all the good things as well as asking for help.
Janette - Gabriel will be 8 years old on Monday.  He has grown so much.  Not just physically, but mentally and spiritually as well.  He is a blessing to us.


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